Membrane Switches

Linepro’s Customized Membrane Switches as input device for your system. Be it any design application, we are experts to integrate any feature in your switches. Application specific customization to perform in most challenging conditions.

Metal Keyboards


Customized Vandal-proof stainless-steel metal keyboards suitable for public and industrial application where this input device is exposed to harshest working conditions. The keyboards are water-protected and impact-resistant as well. We can customize the keyboards to the level from making it freely programmable to fully backlit models. The design is such, it offers a flat and compact product. To take customization on a newer level, our keyboards are country variant, offering letters of users’ choice. Also, we offer various connection options and much more.

Capacitive Switches

Capacitive Switches or Capsense, as an excellent solution for major aesthetic and functional improvement of an input device due to their sleek, glossy interface and uniform backlighting options. Capacitive Touch switches are best option if you want to redesign existing, outdated product. Favorite among product designers due their cutting-edge looks.

Silicon Rubber Keypads - Linepro

Silicone Rubber Keypads

Elastomer Keypads or Silicone Keypads provide a high-profile, user-friendly tactile feel with an underlying switch layer, functional in wide range of working conditions. Elastomer Keypads function well in conditions which comprises moisture, solvents, chemicals and similar harsh working conditions. Elastomer Keypads are assembled to create switches used in military, medical, industrial and commercial applications.

Printed Electronics

Flexible and printed electronics have capability to fit into smaller spaces and bend to allow movement and new functions that let create the world in different ways. Linepro has created revolutionary methods that allow you to print silver onto the polyester more precisely, providing new possibilities that will save significant amounts of money as compared to traditional copper circuits.

If you choose to work with Linepro, You have access to the most comprehensive selection of printed electronic solutions, as well as the experience to assist you in navigating the mechanical challenges of routing, rigors, and flexibility in general packing- while balancing costs, performance, durability, weight and other requirements.

PCB Design & Assembly

We offer custom printed circuit boards and layout for analog, digital and mixed signal boards to suit various electronic applications and systems. There is a chance that you already have design schematics drawn and need the layout of a PCB from them, or be seeking to improve and optimize your layout to ensure a cost-effective assembly. We can assist you with the creation of PCB designs, such as high-speed PCB design from scratch. We also offer technology-related assistance to address any technical challenges you have. From PCB schematic design and PCB layout to testing, verification as well as certification, we assume charge of the entire cycle of PCB creation process.

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