Membrane Switches

Membrane Switches & Keypads

Why Linepro's Membrane Switches

Over 30 years, we have served custom membrane switches to wide range of industry verticals ranging from automobile to medical industry and waste recycling and disposal to dairy industry. We are leaders in Membrane Switch manufacturing and offer application specific switches. If the application priority is hygiene, or the membrane switch is exposed to harsh working environments, we offer the most suitable switches for every industry.

Membrane switches are induced with various features to meet the expectations of application. Profile, domes and backlight illumination enhance the effectiveness of the membrane switch to give that impressively sophisticated and technologically advanced eye-catchy look. The size, design and color can be customized as desired. Membrane switches are layered, this allows freedom for product designers and engineers to design and implement a very precise customer experience.

Features Of Linepro Membrane Switches

Integrated LED – Enhances switch effectiveness

Embossing – Enhances visual effectiveness of switch

EMI/ESD & RSI Shielding – For circuit protection

Multicolor graphic membrane overlays – Gives wide customization options

Waterproofing – For fluid spill applications

Hybrid Membrane Keyboards – As an alternative for mechanical keyboard

Tactile Feedback – Snap-action feel for enhanced user experience


Moisture Sealing

Hard Coating

Fine Textured

Soft Touch

Gloss Finish

Chemical and UV Resistance

EL Backlighting

Different Types of Connectors

Heat Resistance


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What is Membrane Switch made of?

The typical Membrane Switch is made up of a thin membrane layer of film. The film is usually constructed using Polyester material, however there exist many alternatives that are beneficial in the most extreme of environments.

The circuitry is prepared using various conductive inks. This process distinguishes the Membrane Switch from Copper etched Printed Circuit Board and other conventional electronics. The use of conductive inks offers a higher cost-effectiveness as well as a reduction in lead time and development process in comparison to its copper-etched counterpart. There are many different circuit actuation methods which can be incorporated in a Membrane Switch from non-tactile keys, metal domes for an audible and tactile response, polyester domes and capacitive alternatives. Other electronic components may be integrated in the Membrane Switch as well for more functional features. Low-profile LEDs, resistors and capacitors can be integrated into circuit to provide more advanced feedback options for the user.

Customization Option for Membrane Switches

Graphic Overlay
Screen Printed or Digitally Printed depending upon the visual experience desired

Print Media
Polycarbonate or Polyester or any other material meeting working environment needs

Overlay Coatings
Glossy, non-glossy, matte or UV

Elastomer Keypads or Silicon Keypads
Option available depending upon working environment

Nature of Feedback

Tactile or Non-Tactile

Domes for Tactile feedback

Available as stainless steel

Actuation Force for Tactile feedback

Typical range from 3 to 25 oz.

Backlighting Options

LED, Optical Fibers, Electroluminescent Lamps


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