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Linepro | Beginnings

Linepro Controls started with PCB Design in 1993. We created a strong presence in electronics industry by offering PCB designs. Further, achieving good reputation over period of 10 years, we commenced manufacturing of Membrane Switch in 2003.

Membrane Switch, being an input device, we found good potential in other industrial input devices as well. Gradually, we started with vandal proof or vandal resistant metal keyboard manufacturing in 2007. We developed Electroluminescent Lamp or EL Lamp in 2004.

Linepro Manufacturing and Assembly in 10000 class clean room

Linepro | World-class

After tasting tremendous success in customized industrial input devices, a new manufacturing facility was established near Mumbai, India. This is a modern manufacturing facility, with cutting-edge technology for machinery. Apart from this, the manufacturing is carried inside class 10.0000 class clean room, which enables climatically controlled dust-free working conditions.

Linepro | Leader | Input Devices

By popular demand from clientele to provide customized input device solutions, we established an in-house Research & Development center. This helped us to explore more intricate projects and our efforts did pay results.

In 2020, we doubled our manufacturing infrastructure and introduced Screen Printing facility. We induced Roll to Roll printing machine to counter bulk production needs.

Linepro | What we hold Today?

Linepro is currently a globally serving organization with it’s wings spread in every continent, having elite-class firms as it’s business partners. 

Having grown exponentially over years, we are now an innovation-driven organization. With advancements in electronics, we have adopted Printing technology effectively, making our way into Printed Electronics. We have established an R&D Center dedicated wholly to Printed Electronics.



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