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Capacitive Touch Sense Panels and switches

Capacitive Touch Panels

Our Capacitive Touch Panels & Switches are designed to give modern user interfaces their cutting-edge aesthetics. We design Capacitive Switches in a manner that they are resistant to harsh working conditions. They possess no moving parts and have several design options. We have served thousands of designs to industry over three decades with uniform performance till date, making them one of the longest working capacitive switches in industry.

Linepro has experience of serving capacitive switches to broad range of markets of consumer electronics, medical devices, industrial equipment and home equipment. Our team works hand in hand with you to give you the desired capacitive switch or keyboard, no matter how much intricate the level of customization is!

No matter what the customization requires, Linepro applies its expertise to bring out the best of innovation. Every project with us is treated as unique, we first assess all relevant details to induce the required features. We try to know the exact working conditions and backlight requirements along with the number of keys and the function of each key. Our team further collaborates to gain minute information in parallel to the analysis at our design cubicle. 

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Features of Capacitive Switches

We have in-house facility for designing and manufacturing Capacitive Switches. We have world wide customers to whom we cater innovative capacitive solutions. 

  • Innovative Recommendations:  We choose graphics, substrate material, inks and backlighting- our expertise and in-house manufacturing helps us to provide cutting-edge solutions that work best with every project.
  • Customized Capacitive Experience: We are always updated with latest capacitive technology. Capacitive technology is implemented by utilizing any of the 5 sub-types: proximity, self-capacitive, gestures, slider and wheels. We provide the best option based on the suitability of end product specification.
  • Functional Performance: The capacitive switch is subjected to stringent quality checks in replicated working conditions and observed for their endurance and response in that particular condition.
  • Signal Integrity: At Linepro, we are pro working with circuit designs and shielding to minimize electrostatic discharge (ESD) and Electro Magnetic Induction (EMI) thus helping in signal integrity.
  • Microchip: We regularly employ microchips from reputed vendors like TI, Atmel, Cypress and Microchip. Chip selection is done based on the entire system design and the needs of the system. Linepro’s engineers are capable of customizing the entire electrical architecture to work optimally within the customer’s system.
  • Firmware: We have self developed firmware and have wide experience in protocols like USB SPI, CAN BUS, I2C and UART.

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