Why Choose Linepro?

Why customers choose us and their loyalty with us...

Linepro being a ‘Customized’ Input Device and Printed Electronics company, we accept challenging tasks which rarely any company accept at their desks.

Over a period of 30 long years, we have executed thousands of intricate designs and manufactured lakhs of devices, which has built formidable trust amongst our customers, that Linepro has exact solutions to what they search all over.

Customized Solutions under one roof

Linepro is a specialist in the integration and installation of multiple technologies into Input Switch Assemblies and Printed Electronics that are feature-rich and complex. This enables customers, a one-stop-solution under one roof manufacturing-and-designing unit.

Membrane keypad and switch assembly
rapid prototyping membrane switches and keypads

Rapid Prototyping Promise

Our prototypes are not just conceptual exhibits, but are completely functional devices which can be exposed to actual working conditions to carry suitable tests.

We specialize in rapid prototyping of Graphic Overlays, Membrane Switches, Metal Keypads and Keyboards, Silicon Keypads and Printed Electronics products.

Designing Expertise

Input Device are highly vulnerable to designing factor, the reason being them exposed to harsh working conditions. Apart from good manufacturing practices, we also induce best material selection for desired performance in given conditions. Our decades of partnerships with suppliers helps us cater specific requirements of customers.

PCB Designing Services Linepro Controls

Stringent Quality Control

Our ISO 9001 certification is the foundation of our quality management processes.

Our years of experience have led to the development of an integrated quality control approach that is focused on high standards. Linepro requires components to be manufactured with the highest tolerances and precision. This includes complex assemblies, as well as complex shapes and contours. 

Innovation as Core Value

Its innovation everyday here at Linepro. Every project we handle is purely an innovation, for every project has it’s own requirements of user experience, complexity and working conditions.

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