AES Encrypted Keyboard

AES Encrypted Keyboards
Model - LP3835 AES Encrypted Metal Keyboard

AES Encrypted Keyboard

AES encryption input devices like keyboards is an essential component of any data security strategy, whether it’s personal or business. Utilizing uncrackable algorithms that conceal your unencrypted data behind an intricate series of transformations that are known as ciphertext. It takes infinite time to break this cipher using an attack of brute force. 

Linepro’s AES Encrypted keyboards prevent keystrokes from being intercepted. It does not matter what security you use, but if cyber criminals get hold of your data, then can we understand it as security? 

AES 256 bit symmetric encryption keyboard helps prevent record keystrokes which can be relevant confidential information like your password and login credentials.

Model - LP3835 AES

This keyboard features 52 Flat keys. When the keys are pressed, it will the output would be in form of AES256 encryption when using CBC mode via USB.


  • The keyboard has 52 flat keys on this keyboard
  •  It provides AES encrypted information via USB output (UART, I2C, SPI are available)
  • An AES256 bit Symmetric encryption
  • 256 bit AES key are used for encryption
  • IP65 water-proof protection
  • Keyboard dimensions are 315 * 84.6 millimeters.
  • Application in high security systems such as Banks, Oil/Gas, defense etc.

The advantages of using AES Encrypted Keyboard

  • For 256 bit, it takes about 2^256 attempts to crack into. This makes it difficult to hack into the data making it extremely secure
  • Cracking 128 bits/256 bit AES key using a modern supercomputer will require more time than the age of the universe
  • At present there is no history of attack that was conceivable against AES. Thus, AES remains the preferred encryption standard for government agencies, defense forces, banks, and security systems that are high-level across the world.

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