Metal Keyboards

Anti Vandal Metal Keyboards

Vandal Proof Metal Keyboards

Our Vandal Proof Metal Keyboards can withstand dust, water, vandal activities and severe temperature fluctuations. We customize each of our metal keyboards based on the requirement of the application by incorporating a country-specific variant with various connection options and more. If our customization do not meet the requirements, we would be delighted to collaborate with our customers to design a unique solution.

Industries we serve Metal Keyboards

Industrial Automation
Metal Keyboards for Industrials
Retail Fuel Dispensers
Metal Keypads for Fuel Dispensers
Retail Banking Machines
Food Vending Machines
Metal Keypads for Food Vending Machine
Ticket Vending Machines
Metal Keypad for Ticket Vending Machine
Self-Service Kiosks
Metal Keyboards for Self Service Kiosks

We can deliver customized metal keypads for your industry!

We have designed-delivered thousands of unique metal keypads all over the world. Share your details with us and we start working!

Quote-Ready Metal Keyboards

Metal Keypads
Metal Keypad
PC Compatible Metal Keyboards
Anti Vandal PC compatible Metal Keyboard
Backlight Illuminated Metal Keypads
Backlight Illuminated Metal Keypad

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