Water-proof IP65 Industrial Metal Keyboard, Rack mount type

LP3385 Industrial Metal Keyboard

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Water-proof IP65 Industrial Metal Keyboard in USA, Rack mount type

Model No. : LP 3385

Brand: Linepro

Warranty: 1 year

Material: Stainless Steel

Protection Level: IP65 Static/ IP54 Dynamic

Net Weight: 0.75~1.2 Kg

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LP3385 industrial metal keyboard stainless steel

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Bubble Wrap with Standard box/pc

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1000 Units/week

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About the product

Linepro’s LP- 3385 industrial metal keyboard is specially designed, developed and manufactured in USA for harsh environment and machines of public access kiosks and industrial interfacing consoles. The design complies to IP65 protection standards against fluid spill and dust. Its rugged construction makes it resistant to vandalism and abusive use. It has no removable keycaps. This industrial metal keyboard is easy to install with rack-mount type version. The keys are laser marked for high-class durability.

Key Features of Water-proof IP65 Industrial Metal Keyboard

  • Water-Proof and Dust-Proof (IP65 Rated) : Our industrial keyboard is fully sealed to provide superior protection against water and dust, ensuring long-lasting functionality in challenging environments.
  • Durable Construction : This keyboard is made of high-quality stainless steel for exceptional durability and resistance to physical damage, making it ideal for heavy industrial applications
  • Rack Mount Design : Designed for easy integration, the rack mount allows for easy installation, space optimization and maintains an organized workspace in a standard 19-inch rack
  • Reliable Mechanical Switches : Our keyboard features touch-mechanical switches, guaranteeing a practical and reliable typing experience, which will exceed the lifetime of more than 10 million keystrokes.
  • Versatile Connectivity : Choose between USB and PS/2 interfaces to suit your connectivity needs, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of industrial systems.
  • Optional Backlighting : Increase visibility in low-light situations with optional LED backlighting, making it easier to work in low-light environments

Salient Features

#304 Stainless Steel for Rugged construction

Silicon Switching Elements

USB connection interface

QWERTY based key structure

IP65 protection standard

‘Fn’ key works in combination with F1-F12 keys

No removable keycaps

Electrical Parameters

Input Voltage: DC5V +/-10%

Power Supply: 5V

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF): >30,000 hours

Mean Time To Restore(MTTR): <30 mins

Power Consumption: <0.5W

Mechanical Parameters

Keys: 64

Dimensions: 330.25 x 115.6 mm

Gross Weight: 1.3Kg

Key Symbols/Letters: Laser Marking

Key Strike: 1.0 -1.5mm


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