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Advanced Touch Technology for Sterile Setup

Elevate your workspace hygiene with our touch keyboards, tailored for medics, lab technicians, pharma experts, and healthcare professionals. Our keyboards boast an advanced antibacterial surface, ensuring a germ-free environment crucial in these fields. The seamless design facilitates easy cleaning and compatibility with medical-grade disinfectants, guaranteeing precision without compromise. Trusted by professionals, our keyboards reflect our unwavering commitment to health, making them the preferred choice for those who prioritize a germ-free workspace. Join the league of healthcare innovators and choose a touch keyboard that champions cleanliness without compromising efficiency – because your work deserves nothing less.

Key Features

At Linepro, our design ethos reflects an unwavering commitment to perfection and duty. Our touch keyboards, meticulously crafted with silent operation, easy cleaning, and seamless design, empower dedicated professionals. Experience the synergy of duty and innovation, elevating your workspace with Linepro’s precision-engineered tools designed for the benefit of those who serve with excellence.

Our touch keyboards feature a sleek, glossy, and flat surface that effortlessly wipes clean, ensuring impeccable hygiene in critical environments.

Crafted with a seamless design, our keyboards eliminate crevices where germs could hide, promoting a pristine and sanitary workspace.

Experience enhanced efficiency with our keyboards’ multi-touch functionality, allowing users to execute multiple commands seamlessly for improved productivity.

Illuminate your workspace with precision using our keyboards’ customizable backlighting, ensuring clarity and ease of use even in low-light environments

Our touch keyboards operate silently, providing a noise-free environment for focused work in laboratories and healthcare settings, without compromising on performance or functionality.

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What People Say About Our Keyboards?

Linepro's touch keyboard streamlines lab tasks silently, its easy cleaning feature maintains hygiene – a vital asset for seamless experiments.
TA Srinivasan
Pathlab Consultant
Precision in every touch! Linepro's keyboard ensures accurate data entry, while its sleek design complements our pharmacy's modern workflow effortlessly.
Jeniffer Pinto
Manager- Operations
Linepro's touch keyboard sets a new standard in healthcare. Easy to clean, silent, and reliable, enhancing our patient care with efficiency.
Rahul Dev
OPD Executive

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization

Exemplifying excellence in manufacturing, design, and management, our ISO 9001:2015 certification by TUV Austria underscores our unwavering commitment to quality.


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