Industrial SS Metal Keypad for Public Utility machines, Vandal Proof, 4x4

Metal Keypad LP3035 4 X 4

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Stainless Steel Industrial Metal Keypad, 4x3

Model No. : LP 3035 4×4

Brand: Linepro

Warranty: 1 year

Material: Stainless Steel

Protection Level: IP65 Static/ IP54 Dynamic

Net Weight: 0.3 Kgs

Additional Product Information

Supply Ability, Packaging

Packaging : 

Bubble Wrap with Standard box/pc

Production Capacity: 

4000 Units/week

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Product Attributes


(optional) FRC cable, pin-type, custom

Dimensions:  98×98 mm


Public Vending machines, Access Controls, Dispensers. Self-service kiosks

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About the product

Linepro’s LP-3035 industrial metal keypad is rigid 4×4 PCB backed exclusive metal keypad with 16 keys. It contains functional keys other than 0-9 numeric keys for desired operation. It is mainly used for fluid dispensing machines in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and consumer industry. The keys are distinctly marked with letters and symbols using laser engraving technology making them long lasting. They can also be implemented in public utility machines which are unsupervised or semi-supervised. They are spill and dust proof for IP65 standard.

Salient Features

#304 Stainless Steel for Rugged construction

IP65 protection standard

No removable keycaps

Metal backplate to withstand abusive button push

Key switch Technology: Metal Dome and Rugged PCB

Mounting style: Rack-mount / top-mount

ROHS Compliant

Key switch Lifespan: more than 10 million operations


Electrical Parameters

Input Voltage: DC5V +/-5%

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF): >50,000 hours

Mean Time To Restore(MTTR): <30 mins

Mechanical Parameters

Keys: 16

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 98×98 mm

Gross Weight: 0.25Kg

Key Symbols/Letters: Laser Marking

Key Travel: 0.4mm

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