Flexible Membrane Switches

Flexible membrane switches

At Linepro Global, we are the leading flexible membrane switches manufacturer in the USA. 30 years, we have been in the market, we are committed to delivering products that meet the highest standards of quality and innovation. These flexible membrane switches are essential components of many electronic devices, providing robustness and exceptional performance. Flexible membrane switches provide compact and cost-effective solutions for various types of applications, making them desirable for many industries

Technical Specifications of Flexible membrane switches

Flexible membrane switches are engineered to meet rigorous technical standards. They feature multiple layers, including a flexible printed circuit, a spacer, and a graphic overlay. The conductive traces are typically made of silver or carbon, ensuring reliable electrical performance.

Material Options

We offer a different type of materials to suit a variety of application requirements, including polyester and polycarbonate overlays, and different types of adhesive option for different bonding requirements We select our products for their durability, clarity and wear resistance.

Performance Metrics

  • Electrical Conductivity: Ensures efficient signal transmission.
  • Tactile Feedback: Available in different actuation forces to suit user preferences.
  • Environmental Resistance: Tested for temperature, humidity, and chemical resistance.
  • Life Cycle: Designed for high durability with a life expectancy of over 1 million actuations.

Applications of Flexible Membrane Switches

Industries We Serve

Linepro Global produces flexible membrane switches which are adopted in multifaceted sectors. Here are some examples:

  • Medical Devices: Device and measurement interfaces with high dependability and accuracy for medical applications.
  • Industrial Controls: Industries with great need of switches include those in the production of automotive electronics, machinery and control switches, and appliances among others.
  • Consumer Electronics: Smart and simplistic designs mostly for portable devices and home electronics.
  • Automotive: High quality and strongly built switch systems for vehicle instrumentation and other vehicle functions.
  • Aerospace: It transforms high-performance switches for the growing control systems.
  • Military: Copper and fiber optic switches designed of substantially built construction, particularly for military use.

When it comes down to the wires, resist the temptation of obtaining substandard electronics parts. Improve your products through our high-quality flexible membrane switches. Get in touch with us now to know how Linepro Global can serve you and bring positive results for your business.

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