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Anti Vandal Metal Keyboards

Vandal Proof Industrial Metal Keyboards & Keypads in USA

We bring with us the experience of around 30 years of catering to the requirements of Metal Keyboards and Keypads in the USA to a variety of industries including public utility systems, industrial and retail dispensers, and industrial platforms. They can be custom designed to be used in a variety of applications, from self-service kiosks for airport terminals to harsh environments, such as fuel dispensing stations

Features of Metal Keyboards

  • Rugged construction ensures durability and reliability, perfect for public environments and industrial extreme conditions.
  • Vandal-proof design prevents tampering and damage, providing comprehensive protection.
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP65 rating) for added protection against environmental elements.
  • Customizable layouts and key configurations cater to specific requirements.
  • Backlit keys ensure easy visibility in low-lightconditions for enhanced usability.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems enables effortless installation and operation.
  • Carbon contact technology enhances the longevity and performance of the keyboard.
  • Long-stroke keys make typing easy and comfortable, even in demanding environments.
  • Constructed entirely in stainless steel, including buttons and front panel, for maximum durability and resistance to violence.
  • LED indicators display operating modes for user convenience.

Linepro has the capability to provide customized solutions to every aspect of human-machine interaction. We have the knowledge to help you choose the most appropriate choices for your project. Linepro offers industrial metal keyboard expertise and experience in the USA to meet every aspect of your equipment’s interface.

We can deliver customized Industrial metal keypads in USA!

We have designed-delivered thousands of unique metal keypads all over the world. Share your details with us and we start working!

Metal Keyboards & Keypads

Linepro’s Anti-Vandal Metal Keyboards and Keypads are available in standard designs as well as customized based on application requirements. We can design and manufacture metal keypads, PC compatible metal keyboards and backlight illumination keyboards.

Industrial Metal
Metal Keypad
PC Compatible Industrial Metal Keyboards
Anti Vandal PC compatible Metal Keyboard
Backlight Illuminated
Metal Keypads
Backlight Illuminated Metal Keypad

U.S based Engineering & Design Assistance for Metal Keyboards

  • Rapid responses to technical questions and requests for USD pricing
  • Contact us directly to talk with one of our expert engineers for application development
  • We guarantee quality consistency throughout our ISO 9001:2015-certified facilities
  • Support and advice that is reliable for raw materials and component parts
  • U.S.-based facilities with certified offshore partners

Planning for customization of your keypad?

No worries if you did not find the keypad of your choice in the gallery. Share your customization idea and we start guiding you!

Featured Metal Keyboards

Ref. code: LP 4234TP

For table-top applications compatible with PC, Trackball cursor, Stainless Steel Metal Body, IP65/68 

Ref. code: LP 4214TP

Public Kiosk and Self Service Terminal application, PC Compatible, Trackball Cursor, IP65/69, 65+2 Keys

Ref. code: LP 3387TP

Full-fledged keyboard for Industrial PCs, Touchpad Cursor, IP 65/67, 101 keys

Ref. code: LP 3836

Uncrackable algorithms using ciphertext, protection against brute force attack, 52 flat metal keys, USB support

Ref. code: LP 4214TB

Self-service information kiosk metal keyboard with trackball,  IP65 Static/ IP 54 Dynamic

Ref. code: LP 3385

For public self service kiosk and industrial process control applications,  64 keys,  IP65/67

Featured Metal Keypads

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Features of Metal Keyboards