USB HID Metallic Keyboard for Public Terminals, Rack-mount type

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USB HID/HMI Metallic Keyboard for Public Terminals,
Rack-mount type

Model No. : LP 3387TP

Brand: Linepro

Warranty: 1 year

Material: Stainless Steel

Protection Level: IP65 Static/ IP54 Dynamic

Net Weight: 1.2~1.4 Kg

Additional Product Information

Supply Ability, Packaging

Packaging : 

Standard Bubble Wrap in Corrugated Box

Production Capacity: 

2000 Units/week

Place of Origin: 




Backside of metal keyboard Linepro Controls
Touch Pad metal keyboard linepro

About the product

LP- 3387TP metal keyboard is a PC Compatible full-fledged #304 stainless steel keyboard best suitable for harsh working conditions. It is a rack mount type keyboard. The metal keys are laser engraved with the option of varied international languages. It has a touchpad for cursor operations. It meets IP65 or higher, based on the requirements. This metal keyboard finds applications in public utility systems and industrial control systems.

Salient Features

#304 Stainless Steel for Rugged construction

High Sensitivity Touchpad cursor

USB connection interface

QWERTY based key structure

IP65 protection standard

‘Fn’ key works in combination with F1-F12 keys

Electrical Parameters

Power Supply: 5V

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF): >30,000 hours

Mean Time To Restore(MTTR): <30 mins

Power Consumption: <0.5W


Mechanical Parameters

Keys: 65+2

Dimensions: 330 x 100 x 10.4mm

Gross Weight: 1.3Kg

Key Symbols/Letters: Laser Marking

Key Strike: 1.0 -1.5mm


About Linepro

Linepro is global leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter of Input Devices like Vandal Resistant metal keyboards and keypads, membrane keypads and switches, capacitive touch sense switches and Printed Flexible Electronics. We have dedicated in-house modern manufacturing facility with 10000 class clean rooms. We have dedicated R&D centers, quality control department to cater the ever increasing world-wide requirements.

Linepro is input device designer, developer and manufacturer since 30 years. 

We have worked with world’s reputed companies and successfully maintained best business relations with them owing to our thirst to refine our manufacturing quality and provide best products to our customers. We export our products to countries like United Kingdom, Slovenia, Turkey, USA, India, Italy, Spain, etc.

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