Industrial Tamper Proof Metal Keyboard, Case-type

LP 4232TP Metal Keyboard

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Industrial Tamper Proof Metal Keyboard in USA, Case-type

Model No. : LP 4234TP

Brand: Linepro

Warranty: 1 year

Material: Stainless Steel

Protection Level: IP65 Static/ IP54 Dynamic

Net Weight: 1.2~1.4 Kg

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Supply Ability, Packaging

Packaging : 

Standard Bubble Wrap in Corrugated Box

Production Capacity: 

2000 Units/week

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Industrial PCs, Self-Service Terminals

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explosion proof industrial metal keyboards

About the product

Applications of Industrial Tamper-Proof Metal Keyboard Case Type

Industrial tamper-proof metal keyboards, like the LP-4234TP from Linepro Global, are essential in various industries across the USA. Their durability, security features, and ability to withstand harsh environments make them indispensable in several high-demand applications. Here’s where these robust keyboards are commonly used:

Manufacturing and Factory Automation

In manufacturing plants and automated factories, the need for reliable and resilient input devices is critical. Industrial tamper-proof metal keyboards are perfect for these settings due to their ability to resist damage from dust, debris, and frequent usage. The rugged design ensures that they remain functional even in environments with heavy machinery and potential fluid spills.

Public Access Terminals

Public access terminals, such as those found in airports, train stations, and government buildings, require keyboards that can endure constant use and potential vandalism. The fluid-spill and vandal-proof features of the LP-4234TP make it ideal for these applications, ensuring continuous operation and security against tampering.

Military and Défense

In the military and defence sectors, equipment must meet rigorous standards of durability and reliability. Industrial tamper-proof metal keyboards are used in military vehicles, command centres, and field operations. Their rugged construction and integrated touchpads provide the necessary functionality and resilience required in these critical operations.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities, including hospital and laboratories, require input devices that are easy to clean and sanitize while being impervious to spills and impurities. The stainless-steel development of these keyboards allow takes into consideration ordinary cleaning without compromising usefulness, making them suitable for medical environment where hygiene is central.

Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry works in the harshest environment conditions, with exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture and corrosive substances. Industrial tamper proof metal keyboards case type is used control rooms and no-site terminal where their robust design ensures reliable performance under challenging conditions

Outdoor Kiosks and ATMs

Outdoor kiosks and ATMs face steady exposure to weather elements and potential vandalism. The weather- resistance and tamper proof features these keyboards make them the preferred choice such applications, ensuring that they stay functional and secure regardless of external conditions.

Salient Features

#304 Stainless Steel for Rugged construction

High Sensitivity Touchpad cursor

USB connection interface

QWERTY based key structure

IP65 protection standard

Electrical Parameters

Input Voltage: DC5V +/-10%

Power Supply: 5V

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF): >30,000 hours

Mean Time To Restore(MTTR): <30 mins

Power Consumption: <0.5W

Mechanical Parameters

Keys: 107

Dimensions: 446 x 128.5mm

Gross Weight: 1.5Kg

Key Symbols/Letters: Laser Marking

Key Strike: 1.0 -1.5mm


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