Future of Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics: The future is here!

Printed Electronics is a great illustration of the modern printing methods. In short, it means electronic components manufactured using “printable” inks. The layers that make up the printed electronic components are created with the help of screen printing and sometimes digital printing as well. These components are able to be insulating, semi-conductive and electrically conductive. We have been working on this futuristic technology since a decade 

and have a specialization in the mix of printed parts and components as well as elements of conventional electronics, Hybrid Printed Electronics popularly referred to. Components that fall under the “printed electronics” category include special conductor tracks, electrode structure batteries, sensors heating elements, NFC antennas, organic light-emitting devices (OLED), organic photovoltaic (OPV) and transistors.

Printed Electronics is opportunity beyond conventional approach

There are numerous fields of applications where organic and printed electronic devices are utilized. Its benefits like comparatively small size, price optimization and energy efficiency also open the way to worldwide mass market, and offer unimagined designs and technical opportunities for various industries. Shape and form like antennas and batteries printed with a printer are virtually limitless.