Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics

A set of printing technologies is used to print electronic circuits, sensors and elements on substrate materials like a film. It is a novel method of producing lighter and more affordable electronics.

Linepro is currently developing Printed Electronic devices for applications in Force Mapping, Heaters, Antennas, Medical Biosensors, Photovoltaics and Lighting. To meet your needs, we can offer contract development and production of film devices.

Printed Electronics Solutions for Industries


Printed & Transparent Heaters
Pressure Mapping
In-mold Electronic


Electronic Skin Patches
Foot Pressure Sensors
Wearable Sensors


Heated Clothing


Cold Chain Monitoring
Smart Labels
Intelligent Packaging


Electroluminescent Lamps
Outdoor Backlighting
Industrial Equipment Backlighting

Force Mapping

Seat Occupancy Classification
Foot Pressure Analysis
Complex Industrial Pressure Analysis

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